Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wishlist - April

Hey lovelies happy Sunday, hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm currently chilling trying to organize blog posts and videos for this week. As always if there is anything you'd like to see me talk about let me know in the comments.

Decided to do my monthly wishlist today because there is quite a bit I'm loving. I have to say I'm loving a lot of the trends at the moment and all the colours. Links will be under each picture.


I'm absolutely besotted with these babies. I know these definitely aren't everyones cup of tea but by god they're mine.

You're probably thinking I'll just get one pair of purple pants but nope I hope to get both. Seen as they're my favourite colour its allowed right!?


I'm loving the colour of this swimsuit. I'm going to Benidorm soon and I think its going to be a must have for the trip.

This swimsuit was made for me in fact all of Lazy Oafs swim collection was made for me.


How cute is this two piece though. I'm living for gingham these days its just so cute and summery.


This one is an online exclusive if you are looking to get it.

I'm obsessed with these simply because of the colour and the fluff. That's a good enough reason to own them isn't it.

I'm going to leave it there before I discover any more fluffy shoes. Any questions pop them in the comments or over on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a lovely week.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Lil bitta gingham - OOTD.

Hello lovelies hope you're all having a lovely weekend. How fab is the weather today? Well in Dublin anyway hopefully it's nice where yous are to.

Of course the bit of sun now I had to try get some outfit pics. Ropped the mother into it lol.  They may not be my finest but she tried her best.

Of course Harley (my dog) had to get in the pics.



Top - H&M
Skirt - Penneys
Bag - Saint Laurent
Earrings - H&M
Boots - ASOS Marketplace.

I call this the I should of brought my shades look lol.

Hope you enjoyed this little post, expect a lot more outfit posts again seen as the days are brighter. 

Any questions pop them in the comments or get at me on instagram  @My_wardrobe_adventures


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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nyx Review / Patricks day look.

Hello lovelies hope you're all well and having a lovely day. I'm so happy its thursday and I'm looking forward to a three day weekend.

As you all know its St. Patricks Day on friday. I was lucky enough to be sent some Nyx Cosmetics to review. They are all green of course to go with the day thats in it.

I used some of these beauties to create an eye and lip look. 

For my eyes I used the lid lingerie the colour is Morning sky i used this in my crease. I loved it because it was so easy to work with and blend out as they're so creamy. It also didn't crease which I find a lot of cream shadows can.

I used the Emerald City eye/eyebrow pencil to create winged liner. We all know winged liner is a killer but I loved this pencil it wasn't harsh on my eyes. Its a nice creamy texture but not too creamy that its smudges all over the place. Glides along the lid.

On my lips I used the cosmeic metals in Electromagneic. I'm obsessed with these of course because they are so sparkly. I love that they aren't drying at all on the lip. These come in so many pretty colours I'll definitely be getting some. I just think these would be perfect at a music festival.

If you're looking to get your hands on some Nyx Cosmetics they're available at larger boots stores and arnotts Dublin.

Hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions pop them in the comments below or get at me on my instagram  @my_wardrobe_adventures.

Enjoy your weekend and have a great St. Patricks day if you're celebrating it.


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Wishlist - February

Hello lovelies hope you're all keeping well and having a lovely weekend. II'm having a much needed weekend of rest after a crazy weekend in Edinburgh last weekend for my friends hens. Have my monthly wishlist for you all today all links are under each picture if you want to treat yo'self.

Safe to say I need this Tarte shape tape so bad it looks absolutely amazing from what I've seen in youtubers videos.

This Morphe 35F Fall into frost palette os amazing as soon as its back in stock I plan on making it mine. Just look at those colours.

I've been dying to try these Huda beauty matte liquid lipsticks for ages now but I am loving this shade Trophy Wife.

The Jouer liquid lipsticks are another one I have wanted to try and this shade Melon is so nice. I've been putting off buying more lipsticks because I have about 200 already lol but can you really ever have to many? I think not.

I am obsessing over this beauty blender liner designer. If you haven't seen this its for creating the perfect eyeliner flick you just stick it on do your flick and take it off looks so handy.

How cute is this Lazy Oaf dress.

I reckon we all know by now that this is my fave colour so of course I need this Lace up sleeve top.

I'm obssesed with frill sleeves at the moment so I reckon I will have to make this Frill sleeve hoodie mine pretty soon.

The sleeves on this Plush sweatshirt are just so dreamy and yes I've notice I have a slight obsession with sweatshirts this month. Especially considering I bought 3 within the space of a week.

Slightly obsessed with these Western boots.

Shall leave it there for today before I discover anything else while getting the links. Hope you enjoyed the post any questions comment below or get me over on my instagram  @my_wardrobe_adventures.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentines Gift Ideas.

Hello lovelies hope you're all having a lovely day. Its currently Sunday for me and I've spent majority of the weekend in bed with a cold but thankfully I'm starting to feel back to myself. I decided to do a quick little gift guide for valentines day either for you to treat yo'self or for the lover in your life to get ideas from.

These Skinnydip London bags would make such a cute gift I think and they have so many to choose from depending what your gal is into. Click here to be taken to the site or you can get them in Topshop as well.

Bag yourself some serious brownie points by getting her the Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette. If she's into make up at all she will love this. Click here to get it.

Perfume has to be a classic Valentines gift doesn't it. Not surprised really I've never been upset receiving a bottle of perfume. Tom Ford Black Orchid is so nice and this Marc Jacobs honey is the sweetest scent. Have a look what she usually wears and go for something similar enough in case these scents aren't for her.

Shoes are the way to a lot of gals hearts and these Dr Martens are definitely close to mine. These are available on ASOS.

Underwear another classic on Valentines also a gift for both of you really lol. Penneys have some gorgeous triangle bras like these ones in stock at the moment and all reasonably priced.

If your gal is anything like myself she would be delighted with these cute pj's from Penneys or any cute pj's for that matter. Considering we spend half our lives in them, just me? OK.

Now if you're one of those ridiculous people that spends an absolute bomb on Valentines then this Saint Laurent bag is for you. 

I hope this post has either helped a few lads out stuck for ideas or encouraged you to go treat yo'self 'cause well you bloody deserve it that's why. Whatever you are doing for Valentines I hope you have a cute one. I'm not a major fan of it myself but I do enjoy seeing all the cuteness around the place you can never have enough of that.

Any questions as always leave them in the comments or get me on instagram  @my_wardrobe_adventures.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

My Liverpool Faves.

Hello lovelies, hope you're all having a lovely day. Today I decided to do something a bit different on my blog, most of you know I go to Liverpool quite a lot. I always have people asking where to go for food or whats good to do over there so I decided to do a post on some of my favorite places to go over there. Might not be your cup of tea but maybe it will give a few people some ideas if they're heading over.


My favorite places to go for breakfast would be The Brunch Club it is located on Duke Street and does some of the nicest pancakes and cocktails. They also do a lovely fry as well to fuel you for the day or sort out that horrible hangover.

For dinner my place of choice is Almost Famous located on Parr Street. This is a burger place they also do wings and the most amazing loaded fries  you could imagine. I'm craving it right now just writing about it. Check out their menu over on Seriously mouth watering.

Their Phoneix fries 😍


We all know the basics I'm sure. The obligatory stop into Primark to what they have that we don't and its always quite a bit. I love the Primark in Liverpool you've got 5 floors to get through so make sure you're ready. On the same street you have all your usual River Island, Topshop, H&M. Then when you turn off main street (Church Street) onto Paradise Street you have Urban Outfitters, New Look, Nike, Dr Martens the list goes on as you go into L1 there isn't anything you couldn't get.

Personally though my favorite street is Bold Street for shopping. As you'll know if you've read my blog before or follow me on instagram I have a strong love for vintage clothing. My favorites on this street are COW Vintage, Pop Boutique and Resurrection. You will find more they're just my personal faves.


For pre drinks I think O'neills is a good spot from there I usually head into Pop World its right next door. Pop World is full of cheesey 90's music and cocktails the size of your head. I love it in there. Other clubs that are good are Levels, Walkabou, The Shipping Forecast and Revoloution can be a good laugh to. These are all in Concert Square. I love that you can just bounce from bar to bar in Soncert Square with not much walking required just watch out for the cobbles girls. We have all been victim to a fall or two on them I'm sure.


Liverpool city is rammed with hotels  some I have stayed in and would again are the print works hotel and rge apartments which are great if you're going over with a gang of friends. The adelphi is also nice I find its better to book this as late as u possibly can because the price decreases a lot as it gets closer to your stay. Hope street hotel is one of the nicest hotels I've stayed in the beds are so big you could get lost in it. 

Then of course you have the travellodge, premier inn, ibis and all the usuals that do the job as well.

This is a very different post to what I'd usually post so let me know what you think and if its something you would like to see more of. This post will be updates as I discover new places on my trips.

Have a great weekend lovelies feel free to pop any questions in the comments or over on my instagram  @my_wardrobe_adventures.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wishlist - January

Hello lovelies hope you're all keeping well and having a nice January. Decided to do my first wishlist of the year 'cause we all know that lusting over clothes just doesn't stop. If you see anything you like the link is below each picture.

I'm obsessed with these Kangol bucket hats a long time now and I'm on a mission to make one mine. hopefully in a nice sassy colour. So LL Cool J I know lol. If anyone has seen thee for sale comment below and let me know please. 


UNIF just know how to do a top don't they I love these. I think the pox one would look so good with my Dr marten paint splatter shoes.


I am absolutely obsessed with the sleeves on these jumpers beyond cute.

I had this pink one in my hand Monday in Liverpool and I'm ragging I put it back. Will definitely be picking it up.


In love with the colour of this tshirt especially considering all my band tees are nearly all black.


I have been after these trousers for monhs and every time I have gone to get them they're out of stock. So if any of you come across these anywhere else be sure to let me know lovelys.

Hope you enjoyed my first wishlist of the year unsure if I should include makeup I'm lusting for in these posts or to do a separate one with all that stuff. Let me know what you think.

Any questions feel free to leave them below or get at me on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures. 

Have a great day,


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